Fully managed SAP Solution Manager

Our purpose is value-driven, enabling application lifecycle maturity.


CONCORN and Blue Pencil have teamed up to create a fully Managed SAP Solution Manager offering for their customer base. This concept has been evolving since 2012 and fined tuned with the help of our customers.


Dedicated teams monitor activities and ensure optimal SSM operational status, making for a stable environment.


Subject Matter Experts analyse and advise on continuous application improvements, which drives continuous business improvements


Customer-specific roadmaps are designed to align with the business’ long-term strategic vision, ensuring value realization

Imagine an SAP environment that allows for end-to-end visibility, controlled governance, reduced system disruptions and improved efficiency.  Imagine the impact such an environment can have on reducing operational costs

Common Business Pain Points

Vital business documents not easily accessible

Outdated business processes

No real-time balance scorecard monitoring and alerts

Risk of qualified audits

Lower than desired customer satisfaction

Ops Budget hinders budget for innovation

It is with these aims in mind that PrimeALM was created. Using the Maturity Model at its core, the PrimeALM Managed SAP Solution Manager offering is designed to take the Business and IT pain points away and free up the respective resources for the business to either reduce operational costs or focus on innovation. SAP Solution Manager is able to do this, however, without a proper strategy; it is seldom achieved. PrimeALM is designed to achieve these goals.

SAP Solution Manager Truths

  • Majority companies use SAP Solution Manager for the basics only
  • SAP Solution Manager is a complex toolset – technically and functionally
  • Skilled and experienced SAP Solution Manager resources are scarce
  • SAP Solution Manager toolsets are not actively used as an enabler for business improvements

A majority of Companies use SAP Solution Manager for the basic functionality such as Patch downloads and Early Watch Alert Reporting.

The product is complex and good skilled resources are scarce. PrimeALM addresses this problem by making these resources available through the service engagement and taking the complexity away from the customer. PrimeALM also designed to be flexible enough for customers to define the roadmap based on our Value Realization Ecosystem tool. It also allows for the service to be extended to include additional subscription based add-ons from other vendors that compliment the Maturity Model delivery.

By bringing all these elements together, customers are able to also achieve better value from their SAP Enterprise Service Agreement. 

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